The Warren Featherbone Foundation has its roots in The Edward K. Warren Foundation, which was first established in 1917 in Three Oaks, Michigan. Under the guidance of its founder, the foundation benefited literally millions of people by donating properties for parklands and wilderness areas in the State of Michigan, known as Warren Dunes State Park and Warren Woods. (ParkList) After Mr. Warren’s passing, the foundation lay dormant for many years before it was re-established in Gainesville, Georgia in 1993 through the North Georgia Community Foundation by his great-grandson, Charles E. “Gus” Whalen, Jr.

While it continues to support parkland and wilderness preservation in Michigan, the Foundation has significantly expanded its mission and scope to include:
  • Establishing Featherbone Communiversity, the first-of-its-kind collaborative, cross-generational learning community in America
  • Raising awareness about the importance of manufacturing and developing incubator programs that support new manufacturing opportunities
  • Developing innovative programs and processes that will nurture the growth of philanthropy