The E.K. Warren Story
E.K. Warren was a true Renaissance man – an inventor, conservationist, entrepreneur, financier, philanthropist, political influencer and spiritual and community leader. A product of Three Oaks, Michigan, a tiny mainstream town near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, he was as comfortable around local town folk as he was with government leaders and the wealthy. Among his many astounding accomplishments was the establishment in 1883 of The Warren Featherbone Company, a company with its own legendary story.

The Warren Featherbone Company
After ten years of research, development and working his way through the patent process, E.K. Warren began manufacture of a remarkable new product called Featherbone, which was used primarily as a stay material for women’s corsets. In time, Featherbone became a phenomenal success worldwide and earned E.K. Warren a fortune. For more than 125 years, The Warren Featherbone Company in its various forms (manufacturing, banking, agriculture and investments) continued operations through major crises and dramatic changes in society, industry and technology. Two of the three major growth areas in the U.S. today are healthcare and education, and today, the Warren Featherbone Company is involved in both. Its story of evolution serves as an ideal case study for how great opportunity can be found in times of crisis.